Pain Relief Creams vs. Oral Medications: Pros and Cons

Published On: June 23, 2023

Dealing with chronic pain on an everyday basis is daunting. Even worse, it hampers your lifestyle to a great extent by not allowing you to carry out physical activities comfortably. People suffering from joint inflammation, muscle soreness, and backaches, seek permanent solutions to get relief from pain and live an active lifestyle. Some opt for oral medications like painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce pain, while some choose topical lotions to get relief. This article will highlight the difference between the two so that you can decide which one to choose for chronic pain management. 

Pain Relief Creams – Pros And Cons

CBD pain relief creams are a natural and effective remedy for adults to alleviate pain and lead a pain-free life. Topical medications are available in various forms like ointments, gels, patches, salves, and sprays. 

Benefits Of Using CBD Creams For Pain Relief

Target localized pain – Topical pain relievers have anti-inflammatory agents in the form of active ingredients which have an immediate effect on the areas applied. By targeting inflamed tissues, tendons, and ligaments, topical creams provide better relief without affecting the overall body. 

No side effects – Unlike oral medicines, pain relief creams or lotions don’t enter the bloodstream and hence, the possibility of any side effects is very less. Also, most products are made using all-natural and organic ingredients which further makes it safe for use by adults. 

Rapid Relief – After a few minutes of topical application, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and sends signals to the brain to reduce pain, thus providing you instant relief.

Cooling agent – Most hemp extract CBD pain cream contains camphor, menthol, and other active ingredients which leave a calming effect on the areas applied. It provides a soothing sensation in the areas you are experiencing pain and helps you relax faster.

Disadvantages Of CBD Topical Creams 

There are, as such, no severe or negative impacts of using topical pain relievers because they are not consumed sublingually. Most users have reported CBD creams as well-tolerated and safe for topical application. However, some of the ingredients used in such creams may have allergic reactions on your skin and are likely to cause irritation. Therefore, you are advised to consult your doctor or a dermatologist to determine whether you can use a CBD topical pain relief cream for alleviating pain.

Oral Medications – Pros and Cons

If you go for oral administration of pain relief medicines, you have plenty of options available before you like tablets, capsules, liquids, etc. The oral route has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages which we will be discussing in this section. Orals pills prescribed by doctors are quite helpful in treating joint and muscle pain because they have long-lasting effects. Let’s take a look at the list of benefits that you can derive from consuming oral medicines for pain relief. 


Benefits Of Oral Pain Relief Medicines 

Reduces Inflammation – Most pills contain anti-inflammatory properties that fight pain and inflammation in the affected areas and are beneficial for treating serious conditions like joint swelling, muscle pain, and pain in the back and neck. 

Fights Bacteria – Oral medications contain anti-bacterial agents and hence, are very much helpful in eliminating symptoms of bacterial infections in the affected areas. 

Lasting effect – Prescribed medicines respond better to pain and provide stronger relief to pain. As they enter the body directly through the bloodstream, their effectiveness is felt for a longer period.

Disadvantages Of Oral Pain Relief Medications 

Oral medications have to pass through the digestive tract of your body and then enter the circulatory system before they start taking effect. For this reason, oral painkillers may cause digestive problems or gastric upset in some consumers. 

Also, after taking those pills for a longer period of time, their efficacy tends to reduce because the body gets adapted to the medicine with time and therefore the effects get compensated. 

Other potential side effects of oral medicines are nausea, fatigue, headache, dizziness, etc. So, it’s better to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating any oral pain relief medicine for managing pain. 

Wrapping Up

Pain relievers, both oral and topical, ease discomfort and pain brought on by joint inflammation, swelling, and other chronic conditions. Various types of pain relief creams and oral pills are available on the market and so, it is difficult to choose one which suits all your needs well. However, topical application is considered safer than oral medicines because it doesn’t enter the bloodstream. If you are willing to try CBD topical, then buy 1000mg CBD cream for pain from Nature’s MD and see the results by yourself. It gets absorbed into the skin directly when applied to the targeted areas and provides rapid relief.

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